Billionaire Chronicles: Abramovich’s charity lodge and Icahn’s new victim

Events and statements that put the Forbes list members in the spotlight in July 2014

Every month the Forbes editorial staff chooses the most striking events and statements that made the Forbes list participants billionaires shape the information agenda. Why does Roman Abramovich #17 hold an auction among those wishing to visit the VIP box at Chelsea’s home arena? Who would Petro Poroshenko like to see as Ukraine’s neighbor? Which billionaire is preparing to formalize a relationship with celebrity tennis player Monica Seles?

Roman Abramovich

Country: Russia

Fortune: $9.1 billion, #137 in Forbes’ global list

The Russian oligarch has auctioned off his 24-seat VIP box in the west stand of Stamford Bridge Stadium. However, it will be possible to enjoy the box and a lunch from Sumosan Japanese restaurant only once – when watching the first home game of the new season for Chelsea against Leicester City Football Club, which will take place on August 23. But all the money – the starting price of the lot is €15,000 – will go to the Vera Foundation, which helps Russian hospices. Guests of Abramovich’s box are often wealthy people. For example, the British footballer David Beckham and his son Brooklyn watched here the match Manchester United c Chealsea, which his former teammates lost to the hosts. The auction is due to take place in July.

Ken Griffin

Country: United States

Fortune: $5.2 billion, No. 270 on Forbes’ global list

Ken Griffin, owner of Forbes’ most expensive estate, gave $2.5 million to Illinois gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner’s campaign, the largest political investment in the state in 20 years. The billionaire also allowed Rauner to use his plane. Griffin attributes his generosity to the fact that he wants the best for the state where his family lives.

Tom Golisano

Country: United States

Fortune: $2.1 billion, No. 828 on Forbes’ global list

The 72-year-old billionaire and philanthropist Tom Golisano has finally announced his engagement to famous tennis player Monica Seles, whom he has been dating for five years. The chosen one is 32 years younger than him. The couple does not like to comment on their relationship, but Golisano once admitted that the number of the former world number one is the coolest in his phone book. Golisano, who has run for governor of New York three times, relocated to Florida’s Maples after the state imposed a millionaire’s tax. Selesch lives in the neighboring town of Sarasota. Apparently, the couple will soon start living together – in the spring, Monica put up for sale her mansion with a tennis court and basketball court, where she lived for 21 years. The price is $1.9 million.

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